Member-Sponsor Activity

The photo was taken  Sunday, October 25, 2021, at CIOCIARO during the Transmission of SERIE A Game INTER vs JUVENTUS
A group of Juventus Club Members was pleased to meet and cheer for Juventus F.C.
The game ended in a 1-1 tie when Dybala scored on a penalty kick in the final minutes of the game.
Both teams were very competitive throughout the game. 
Juventus Club thanks Ciociaro personnel for the wonderful service offered during our visit!

The photo was taken  Sunday, October 10, 2021, on the occasion of an event organized to meet former Mayor Denis Coderre in Montreal-Nord.
A group of Juventus Club Members was pleased to meet with him and Mtl-Nord Borough Mayor  Christine Black during the event. We wish him and his team well and look forward to the next encounter.

Philippe Thermidor, Mona Chevalier, Bernice Antonecchia, James Infantino, Denis Coderre, Christine Black, Augy Antonecchia, Maria & Vincent Di Maulo

Photos were taken October 3, 2021, during Ordine Figli D’Italia’s Annual Apple Picking event.
Juventus Members present capitalized on the opportunity to take a group photo during the day’s activities.
The large Buffet prepared at lunchtime, followed by Corn on the Cob and a large selection of Apples, created a festive day.
Juventus Members are looking forward to next year’s activity. 

The photo was taken Tuesday, October 12, 2021, on the occasion of our annual visit with Marc Tanguay, Member of L’Assemblée Nationale for Lafontaine.We were pleased to meet with him at his office and discuss current issues of interest. We wish him well and look forward to the next encounter.

Photos taken Tuesday September 14, 2021 during an activity held at Golf Saint-Raphael. During the Golf extravaganza, we found time for this photo at CAFE MILANO Booth. Naturally, coffee was the main drink, however, by extending our reach to the left we managed to “seize a Sicilian cannoli” to “sweeten” the palate. Lots of fun getting together with friends! Hope Indian Summer prolongs the warm weather.

L/R : James Infantino, Frank Carbone (Windmill Heights Golf Club), Matteo Paranzino (Cafe Milano), Frank Mazza, John Palazzo (Magnus Poirier), Augy Antonecchia.

Photo taken September 14, 2021 during an activity held at Saint-Raphael Golf Club. Juventus Club Canada was present at this Special Fund Raiser and grouped some of its Sponsors and Members to take a unique photo.

L/R : Leo Iacono (Restaurant Muscadin), James Infantino, Augy Antonecchia, Franky Buffone (Le Deli 440), John Palazzo (Magnus Poirier), Matteo Paranzino (CAFE Milano)

Photos taken Sunday September 12, 2021 during an activity held at Parco D’Abruzzo in Sainte-Julienne.
Many Juventus Club Canada members were present at this event.
Regrettably, the summer weather is coming to a close and we were privileged to take advantage of the opportunity offered to us.
Wishing all a wonderful Autumn before winter weather sets in.
All the Best !

Photo taken  Saturday, September 11, 2021 on the occasion of our annual visit with Pablo Rodriguez, Member of Parliament for Honore-Mercier.
We were pleased to meet with him during the ongoing Federal election campaign. We wish him well and look forward to the next encounter.
All the Best !
Joe Ricciardi, Michel Minuto, James Infantino, Pablo Rodriguez, Maria Pia Sinigagliese, Leonardo Moramarco
 Leonardo Moramarco, Michel Minuto, James Infantino, Pablo Rodriguez, Maria Pia Sinigagliese, Joe Ricciardi

Photo taken September 12, 2021 during an activity held at Parco d’Abruzzo.
Juventus Board Members capitalized on the opportunity to take a photo with
Connie Sudano, President of Paysagement Gazon Vert and Demenagement & Transport PS.
These two firms offer professional work and satisfaction to their respective customers.
Juventus Club Canada is privileged to have them among its many Sponsors.
L/R : Mario Patta, Maria Pia Sinigagliese, James Infantino, Connie Sudano (President)

On July 21, 2021 our ” Golf Group ” chose Le Blainvillier Golf Course to demonstrate our ” skills “.
I should quickly add that our skills were no match for the “greens” of this splendid Golf Course.
Nevertheless, we had a great time and we graciously extend our Thanks to Giovanni Santoianni for making arrangements to play at Le Blainvillier. 
Much discussion was had on the future of Juventus F.C. with new coach Massimiliano Allegri !

Via Ristorante is owned & operated by Chef Luigi Simione, who is a product of a legacy of a family restaurant tradition.
The establishment is situated at  4711 rue d’Amiens, Montreal-Nord. Tel : (514) 321-3636
Via Ristorante offers a large selection of authentic Italian dishes at reasonable prices.
Suggest you make it your next stop and enjoy a great meal !
Le Super Marche B & G est une Entreprise Familiale fondée en 1969 par Giuseppe Guarascio.
Une Super Marché offrant une variété de  produits, incluant une Boucherie.
Le personnel offre un service impeccable et courtois, ils sont prêt à vous servir ainsi qu’offrir des conseils 
sur diverses coupes  de viande. 
La relève est assurée par Saverio, Leonardo et Enza Guarascio.
Un équipe professionnelle.  Ils sont  à votre service !

Résidence Au Fil de L’Eau située au : 7015 Boul. Gouin Est, Montréal
Résidence pour personnes autonomes de 55 +, offrant une panoplie de services et activités.
Un bijou à découvrir. Planifiez une visite prochainement!
Une journée pleine d’émotions en regardant EURO 2022 : Italie 2-1 Belgique.
La squadra Azzurra avanza verso la prossima tappa.
Forza Italia

Sabato 26 giugno, 2021 :  ITALIA 2-1 Austria . Federico Chiesa e  Matteo Pessina hanno segnato per gli Azzurri.
Una partita difficile dove gli Azzurri non hanno dimostrato un livello di talento eccezionale.
Purtroppo i due gol da Chiesa e Pessina hanno trasportato la squadra ai Quarti Finali.
Appuntamento alla Prossima partita ITALIA vs Belgio, speriamo assistere a una partita della squadra Azzurri con “molto grinta”

Oggi ci troviamo alla Residenza Giardini D’Italia a Saint-Leonard con la Signora Pasqualina Mastropietro-Antonecchia.
Pasqualina e una membra Centenaria, infatti la sua età e 104 anni 6 mesi. 
Nata a Casalciprano, Campobasso, il 5 Gennaio, 1917. Ha sposato Giuseppe Antonecchia il 16 Dicembre 1937.
Il mese scorso guardando la partita  Juventus vs Bologna con il figlio Augy, gli a chiesto di parlarci di Ronaldo.
A un certo momento gli ha chiesto il salario di Ronaldo. Rispondendo 31M EURO, Pasqualina ha suggerito a suo figlio                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
 che avrebbe dovuto scegliere il calcio come professione.
Pasqualina e una persona dolce, magnifica e ama tutte le persone che incontra.
Fa onore al Juventus Club Canada e tifa per la Juventus F.C. 
Gli abbiamo chiesto la ricetta per una lunga vita ? ci ha risposto ” Sia rispettoso e ama il tuo prossimo “.
Dunque, se volete arrivare a Cent’anni, seguite il consiglio di Pasqualina.
Un Abbraccio Forte a Tutti !

Les Volailles & Gibiers Fernando est une Entreprise Familiale fondé en 1964 par Giuseppe Ferrarelli.
Une Boucherie offrant des volailles, lapin,canard, porc, agneau, plats cuisinés et autres produits.
Le personnel offre un service impeccable et courtois, ils sont prêt à répondre à toutes vos questions 
comment apprêter votre viande. 
Un équipe simplement gentils et professionnelles.  Fernando est à votre disposition !
Volailles & Gibiers june 2021

Photo taken Friday June 11, 2021 Elio Pizzeria during the EURO 2020 game : Italia vs Turkey
While watching Italy beating Turkey 3-1, we had the pleasure of tasting excellent dishes prepared by owner Franco De Lauri.
All patrons in the Restaurant were in agreement that the Italian Team was outstanding. 
We expect excellent results from the ” Azzurri ” in this Tournament.

Photos taken Wednesday June 2, 2021 during the Golf Tournament of the National Congress of Italian-Canadians.
The NCIC hosted its 10th Edition at Club de Golf Saint-Raphael. The Tournament was well attended and participants observed  Covid restrictions put in place.
This activity provided a wonderful opportunity to meet many friends which we had not seen since the Covid lockdown was implemented last year.
Many thanks to the Organizing Committee for staging a wonderful event, combining Golf and Food Tasting  outdoors.

The photo was taken Monday, April 12, 2021, at Las Olas Pizza, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
After an enjoyable round of Golf, we gathered at Michael Conenna’s Restaurant for an enjoyable Extra Large Pizza. Getting together after Golf is always enjoyable, particularly with Michael who is a very knowledgeable & loyal Juventus fan.While there, we discussed Juventus’ inability to dominate Serie A during the 2020 / 2021 Season. We concluded that the Team has excellent players, however, they lack the consistency in their play to reach excellence. Hopefully, these players will perform as a cohesive unit next year, with better results….All the Best !

Fort Lauderdale- LAS OLAS PIZZA CO. Mona Chevalier.. James Infantino.. Michael Conenna.. Nina Nudo..  Victor Nudo
Photo taken  Saturday, March 27, 2021 at Gulfstream Park, Hallandale Beach, Florida, on the occasion of the Florida Derby Horse Race.
Many Thanks to Michael Romano of Gulfstream Park for hosting us and to Franco Gallo for organizing the activity.
Although none us came out winners on our choice of horses, we had a grand time watching exceptional horses speeding under our eyes,
(L / R) : Giovanni Santoianni.. James Infantino.. Michael Romano.. Gino Berlingieri.. Franco Gallo

Saturday, March 20, 2021 at Italian American Civic Club, Hollywood Beach, Florida
The IACL Club was established in 1949 and it is commencing its 72nd year of operation.
We attended its first Dinner Party since Covid restrictions came into effect in April 2020.
The Club is led by President Leo Saladino and a team of administrators, who are working very hard to get it back to what it was.
We wish them many more years of success !
L / R) :  RiccardoResciniti.. Georgette Aquino.. James Infantino.. Robert Calabrese.. Joe D’Angelo (seated).. Domenic De Luca (Ristorante Conca D’Oro) .. Rocco Maniaci, Treasurer.. Judy Money Saladino.. Leo Saladino, President.. Ron Tiba.. Richard Tiba (absent)

Photo taken  Monday, during the CANAM – Desjardins Golf Tournament held on March 22, 2021 at Westin Hills Golf Club, Weston, Florida
As usual, Juventus Club Canada  members were present at this outing.
Great Golf Course and wonderful  participants made for a stupendous day !
(L/R) :Johnny De Prosperis.. Carmen De Prosperis.. Sandra Par… Canam Personnel.. James Infantino

Photo taken  Thursday, March 18, 2021 at  Palm Aire Oaks Golf Course, Pompano Beach, Florida
After an enjoyable round of Golf, we gathered together in the Clubhouse to mark Birthdays : Gino S. / James I. / Franco G.
Getting together after Golf is always enjoyable. All the stress accumulated during 18 holes of Golf disappears after a ”cold beer”
Wish you could join us for the next round of Golf !
Standing .. Gino Colarossi.. Dominic  Belingieri .. Gino Berlingieri
Seated  ….. Victor Nudo.. Gino Sarta (Birth / Boy)  .. James Infantino (Birth / Boy) .. Giovanni Santoianni .. Franco Gallo (Birth / Boy)

Photo taken  Thursday, March 16, 2021 at Café Italia, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Our monthly Florida Friends dinner gathering was a huge success. Lots of great food accompanied by excellent wine choices.
The singing at these gatherings, led by our guitarist, is becoming close to perfection (after a few glasses of wine).
We look forward to Sonny Di Marco’s organizing the next one in mid-April.

Photo taken  Thursday, March 11, 2021 at  Palm Aire Oaks Golf Course, Pompano Beach, Florida
After an enjoyable round of Golf, we gathered together in the Clubhouse to mark Gino Berlingieri’s birthday (cannot divulge his age).
We enjoyed Gino’s stories from long ago and drank for many more years of fun & laughter together.
 Gino Colarossi.. Franco Gallo.. Victor Nudo.. James Infantino.. Gino Belingieri (birthday boy) Dominic Berlingieri.. Gino Sarta .. Santo  Monaco

Wednesday, March 10, 2021 a group of Montreal-Florida Friends decided to ”launch” the 1st PICNIC in 2021.
Following Vaccination .. distancing .. mask wearing etc. it was time to enjoy each others’ company in a very safe environment.
The event took place at Quiet Waters Park in Deerfield Beach. Lots of sunshine .. green grass .. trees in full bloom .. open spaces.
Very busy day indeed, Bocce game .. food preparation on a grill with ”hot coals” … etc.. etc.. 
Trippa ..sicilian cannoli prepared on site…cakes & biscuits ..fruit salad.. espresso coffee..fruit salad and music.
Wonderful day with friends … Many Thanks to everyone for your contribution, it was greatly appreciated.
Looking forward to the next outing.. possibly Easter Sunday or the day after… Stay tuned….

Pic taken  Saturday , February 6, 2021 at Ocean Manor Resort / Ristorante Casa Calabria situated 4040 Galt Ocean Drive, Fort Lauderdale.
On this occasion I had the pleasure of having a coffee with Frank Talarico, owner of this Beach landmark Resort in Fort Lauderdale.
This establishment houses Restaurant Casa Calabria which is very popular with local Florida residents and  vacationers.  
Frank Talarico and his staff will make your stay a very pleasant one, all you have to do is call and register.
Frank Talarico  …  James Infantino
 Rafael .. Mari .. Mike (Hotel Managers)

Pic taken  Sunday , February 28, 2021  in Fort Lauderdale.
Sunday mornings are reserved for Friends who simply enjoy each other’s company while having a Café con Dolci.
On this occasion we gathered at PAN’E DOLCI for an hour of storytelling and exchanging about our trips to Italy and its majestic sights.
Before leaving we reserved for another session for next Sunday AM. Looking forward to it !
Lorenzo Lanzilli.. Guy Protano.. Franco Greco ( Tuscany Restaurant ) .. James Infantino.. Paula Guerrieri.. Mona Chevalier.. Dan Guerrieri

Pic taken  Thursday, February 4, 2021 at Conca D’Oro Italian Restaurant situated 370 E. Dania Beach Blvd. , Dania Beach, Florida
Always a pleasure to have lunch with friends, we decided to visit Conca D’Oro, owned by Domenic Deluca, another great friend, 
who has a terrific reputation as a Restaurateur in South Florida.
Augusto is from Naples.. Guy … is from Rocca Secca (Lazio) and yours truly .
Our conversations brought us back to our earlier meetings and it was a joy to talk about the past rather than the present & future
I know Guy has a soft spot in his heart for Juventus but I have not convinced Augusto to switch from a Napoli fan.
If you are in Dania Beach and want an enjoyable meal stop at Conca D’Oro

Pics taken Tuesday, January 26, 2021 at Ristorante Cafe Italia, situated 3471 N. Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The monthly outing is planned by Sonny Di Marco, who greets us at a different Restaurant chosen by him.

We look forward to this event because it provides us with the opportunity to meet as a group.

Food is great and there are talented Musicians and Singers amongst us who encourage others to join in the singing!

Looking forward to the next outing!

During dinner….
After drinks….

Victor Nudo.. Johnny De Prosperis.. Tony Iadeluca.. James Infantino.. Donato Tomassi.. Gino Berlingieri.. Franco Gallo.. Gino Colarossi
Pic taken  Thursday, January 21, 2021 at Davie Golf Course
Every Thursday morning a group of Golf Friends meet at a designated Golf Course and invest 4 hours to master this game called ”Golf” 
Our success at this game is ”secret information” . Nonetheless, we have a great time and occasionally Juventus  comes up from the Club Members present.
If you happen to be in Florida, come and join us !

Donato Tomassi .. Roberto Di Matteo .. James Infantino,,, Davie, Florida February 18, 2021
Florida Alberto .. Frank .. Carlos Figallo .. Roberto Di Matteo .. James Infantino .. Davie, Florida February 18, 2021

Pictures taken  Thursday, February 18, 2021 at Spaghetto Italian Kitchen, situated 4350 Oakes Road, Davie Florida
Following a Golf Game, I visited my good friend Roberto Di Matteo who manages the Restaurant housed in the Spaghetto Factory Plant, owned / operated  by Eva Zanzi. You can imagine the discussion we had about Juventus’ rocky season. In the end we greatly enjoyed the delicious pasta meals that came out of the kitchen.If you happen to be in Davie, check out this ”Gem” . Great food plus an update on how Juventus F.C. is doing,Photos attached ! 
a)  Donato Tomassi .. Roberto Di Matteo .. James Infantino

b)  Alberto .. Frank .. Carlos Figallo .. Roberto Di Matteo .. James Infantino

Tony Cupelli , James Infantino & Friends at Caffe Europa Trattoria _ Fort Lauderdale Dec.18.2020

Picture taken  Friday, December 18, 2020 at Caffé Europa Trattoria, situated at 910 East Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Every Friday a group of Italian American Friends meet for lunch with Tony Cupelli (owner)  and enjoy great food..excellent wine and reminisce about current events. Tony Cupelli established this ”landmark” 40 years ago. Today it is still the place to have an excellent dining experience. I very much enjoyed my time with the group and look forward to my next outing sometime in mid-January 2021. If you happen to be on Las Olas Blvd., visit Tony Cupelli at his Caffé Europa Trattoria and have a great meal ! Photo : Tony Cupelli is the 3rd person from the left.

Follow us … Seguiteci .. Suivez-nous 

Luigi Arato at Caffe Europa Trattoria _ Fort Lauderdale Dec.16.2020

Picture taken Friday, December 16, 2020 at  Europa Caffé Trattoria, situated at 1235 E. Las Olas Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale.
During a luncheon at this Restaurant I had the pleasure of meeting Luigi Arato, a long time employee of this establishmentOnce we started speaking about Serie A Teams, Luigi confided that his origins are from Torino, Italy and has been a Juventus fan all his life. Worked as head waiter at Europa Caffé for many years and he will gladly display his attachment to Juventus willingly. I must report that South Florida has many Juventus supporters. That’s a great thing for Juventus Fan Clubs.

Follow us … Seguiteci .. Suivez-nous 

Maurice Padula & James Infantino at Gran Forno Bakery _ Fort Lauderdale Dec.16.2020

Picture taken Wednesday December 16, 2020 at Gran Forno Bakery, situated at 1235 E. Las Olas Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale.Leone Padula is the owner of this wonderful establishment, ably assisted by his son Maurice. The Bakery is one of the most prestigious in South Florida and offers an array of great Products.
During my visit, I had ” un caffè e un pasto” with Maurice who has been a fan of Juventus F.C. since his early teens.
We are happy to welcome Maurice in our fold, not only because he produces great Bread & Pastry, but also because he is a true Juventus Fan.
If you happen to visit Fort Lauderdale, stop by and visit Leone & Maurice for great sandwiches & pastry and a chat about Juventus F.C.
Photo : From Left : Maurice Padula … James Infantino.

Follow us … Seguiteci .. Suivez-nous 

Fort LauderdaleLAS OLAS PIZZA CO. James Infantino … Michael Conenna .. Mona Chevalier

Picture taken Thursday December 10, 2020 at Las Olas Pizza Co. situated at 21 W. Las Olas Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale. Michael Conenna is the owner of this wonderful establishment. His Dad Domenico was born in Bari Italy, started his Restaurant in New Jersey 50 years ago and is still going strong. Son Michael decided to expand the business in Florida, approximately 21 years ago. The greatest discovery is that Michael is an undisputed fan of Juventus F.C. We are happy to welcome Michael in our fold, not only because he produces great Pizzas, but also because is a true Juventus Fan.
If you happen to visit Fort Lauderdale, stop by and visit Michael for great Pizzas and a chat about Juventus F.C.
Photo From Left : James Infantino … Michael Conenna .. Mona Chevalier

Juventus Club web/facebook team

Picture taken  Monday July 27, 2020, following a Website Workshop, presented by Leonardo Moramarco
The Attendees form part of the Juventus Facebook / Website Committee.
Standing: Anthony Falato .. James Infantino
Seated: Georgio Di Pietro .. Leonardo Moramarco .. Gino Colarossi
Absent: Davide Di Loreto .. Richard Robitaille
We invite you to visit our re-invented Website!

Casareccio Trattoria Italiana, Florida

Pic taken  Wednesday, November 10, 2020 at Casareccio Trattoria Italiana, situated in Pompano Beach, Florida. The event was organized by Sonny De Marco and provided an opportunity for a group of Italian American Friends to meet and enjoy great food..excellent wine and reminisce about past & present experiences.

Joseph Corteo added his voice and guitar to entertain us with many Neapolitan & Sicilian songs.

Lorenzo Lorusso was all smiles as we celebrated his ?? Birthday !

Of course, many  were Juventus supporters but there was a sprinkling of Napoli fans as well.

Salvatore Spina (owner-chef from Palermo) and wife Emilia prepared a traditional Sicilian meal, which was most exquisite.

Looking forward to the next outing…. Sonny won’t divulge the next location until it’s time!


Standing: Augusto Schiano.. Guy Di Benedetto.. Domenic De Luca.. Domenico Barilla.. Antonio Giambona.. Salvatore Spina.. Franco Morello.. Emilia Egusquiza.. Victor Lorusso..James Infantino

Sitting: Domenic De Luca.. Sonny De Marco.. Rosario Dato.. Lorenzo Lorusso.. Joseph Corteo

The PIC was taken Wednesday, September 16, 2020, at the Blainvillier Golf Club.

The event was orchestrated  by Juventus Member Giovanni Santoianni and as usual, it was a very well organized event.

Twelve participants were treated to a great Golf Course … Followed by a gastronomic dinner

Cooler weather is omnipresent at this time of the year, which reminds us that winter tires are not far behind!


Seated     : Gerlando Argento.. Giovanni Santoianni.. Remo Zeppilli.. Tony De Michele.. Salvatore Nicastro .. Giuseppe Panzera.. Alberto Crecco

Standing : James Infantino.. Giuseppe Danisi.. Lucio Casale.. Mario Giacomo.. Pardo Bino

Absent    : Fiore Vadacchino

The pic was taken Wednesday, July 29, 2020, at Windmill Heights during the LA VOCE GOLF CLASSIC.

The theme for the Day was Juventus Team / Club.

Forty participants were treated to a great Golf Course … Excellent Food for Dinner and very tasteful wines!

Under the supervision of Frank Carbone, owner, and mastermind of Windmill Heights Golf Course

Make a point of participating at the next La Voce Golf Classic!

Picture taken Sunday, September 20, 2020,  at Cafe Milano, during the inaugural season game Juventus vs Sampdoria .
The Juventus team was very impressive. Coach Andrea Pirlo presented a team with new young faces.
For the most part, Juventus controlled the game and won impressively by defeating Sampdoria 3-0.
After eating salads & sandwiches, Matteo Paranzino introduced his vast choice of Italian pastries which were delicious.
Juventus fans went home very pleased. It appears that it will be a very promising season.
standing : Anthony Falato.. James Infantino.. Leonardo Moramarco
seated    : Mona Chevalier .. Matteo Paranzino .. Marilena           .. Rio Infantino

Photo 1
Photo 2

Pictures taken Saturday, September 5, 2020, following a round of Golf at Club de Golf de la Vallee des Forts.

We were happy to have Nick Vinciguerra on our Foursome, this provided us with an opportunity 

to obtain his predictions on Juventus changes of a 10th Scudetto in a row.

Great Golf day !

Photo (1) : Nick Vinciguerra & James Infantino

Photo (2) : Nick Vinciguerra .. Gino Colarossi .. Gabriele Palioti .. James Infantino

Photo 1 Claude Robbillard picnic 8-28-2020
Photo 2 Claude Robillard picnic 8-28-2020

Pictures taken Friday August 28, 2020 following a picnic outing held at Claude Robillard Park facilities.

This event provided an opportunity for Juventus members to spend time together and celebrate birthdays of 3 members of the group..

Photo (1) left to right :  Johnny De Prosperis .. Salvina Infantino.. David Scalia

Photo (2) left to right : David & Nina Scalia .. James & Mona Infantino .. Johnny & Carmen De Prosperis .. Bernice & Augy Antonecchia ..Claire & Tony Iasenza .. Luigi & Salvina Infantino

Picture was taken Wednesday August 19, 2020 following a Golf & Dinner outing.

This event provided an opportunity for Juventus Members to spend time together and talk about the upcoming Soccer Season.

Photo left to right :  Johnny & Carmen De Prosperis .. Louis & Francine Anania .. James Infantino .. Claire & Tony Iasenza 

Paolo Ferrante, Paolo Triassi, James Infantino
Paolo Ferrante and James Infantino

Pictures taken at Cafe Victoria’s, Friday, August 12, 2020, during a presentation of a JUVENTUS F.C. 1991 / 1992 Team photo.

Paolo was gracious enough to donate this historic photo for our Juventus library.

Paolo is a childhood friend with whom I shared Soccer play in the early 1960″s.

His career spanned as an excellent professional attacking forward, Assistant Coach of Montreal Supra followed by many years as Coach of Elio Blues, Superga etc..etc. Truly an excellent Soccer Encyclopedia.

He is now happy to watch Serie A games with our Juventus Club Fans, although he still holds Chelsea F.C. close to his heart.

Paolo, thank you for contributing so much towards the development of soccer in Canada!

Café Victoria’s

20-08-07 Café Victoria
20-08-07 Café Victoria
20-08-07 Café Victoria

Picture were taken Friday, August 7, 2020, at Café VICTORIA’S, during  Juventus – Lyon Champions League Game.

Although Juventus won the game, Lyon won the aggregate score and goes on to the next stage.

Following the game, Juventus sacked coach Maurizio Sarri and appointed Andrea Pirlo as its new coach.

Our thanks to Café Victoria’s and its owner, Paolo Triassi for the warm hospitality and excellent food served during our stay.

Trattoria il Ritrovo

Picture taken Wednesday July 15, 2020  at IL RITROVO  before a match between  Sassuolo vs Juventus.Both teams provided competitive play. Sassuolo fought from a 2-0 deficit and forced a final score of 3-3.

Ciociaro Sport Bar

Picture taken Monday July 20, 2020 at CIOCIARO during a match between  Lazio vs Juventus.
Juventus controlled  the game with Ronaldo scoring 2 goals in the first half. Lazio’s Immobile replied with a goal in the second half
Final result : Juventus beating Lazio 2-1 .
Nonetheless, the hospitality and great food provided at CIOCIARO added  joy to Juventus fans !
Standing :  Staff Member .. James Infantino ..Yosef Benmechili .. Youcef Benmechili .. Anthony Falato
Seated     : Anthony Pannunzio ( Ciociaro ) .. Vito Spadafino ( Ciociaro ) .. Mona Chevalier .. Leonardo Moramarco

Cable Électrique A.S.E.

Picture taken Friday July 24, 2020 with owners of Cable Electrique A.S.E.  Electrical Contractor, operating for over 40 years, in Quebec.
We wish Nino Palumbo and his team many more years of success in this complex field !

left to right :  Emilio Palumbo…  Nino Palumbo … James Infantino 

Picture taken Monday June 21, 2020, following a visit at Juventus Club Sponsor.
TopLaptop is situated , 1077 rue Begin, St-Laurent  (514) 338-3838
Happily to take a photo with William, Owner, President and Computer expert.

TopLaptop  will resolve  any computer problem you may have . Check them out ! 

Picture was taken Friday July 31, 2020 during a PICNIC held in a Montreal Park, organized by Nina & David Scalia. Naturally, the number & distancing restrictions were observed. This event provided an opportunity for Juventus Members to spend time together.
 Photo: left to right:  Nina & David Scalia, Mona Chevalier, Carmen & Johnny De Prosperis, James Infantino, Claire & Tony Iasenza 

Windmill Heights Golf Course

20-07-29 Windmill Heights Golf

Picture taken  Wednesday July 29, 2020 at Windmill Heights Golf Course.
Little problem recognizing  Golfers with their face masks on.
Look real close !
left to right : Nick Colasurdo, Silvio De Cicco, Angelo Iacono, Depute Alfred-Pellan,Luc Lachapelle, James Infantino, Gaby Mancini, Phil Di Pietro, Anthony Giambagno.

Windmill Heights Golf July 29, 2020

Pic taken Wednesday  July 29, 2020 at Windmill Heights Golf Course


left to right :  Frank Venneri, Phil Di Pietro, Giovanni Santoianni (Royal Versailles Auberge-Hotel), Donato Tomassi, James Infantino, Luc Lachapelle, Nick Colasurdo.