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Juventus FC Torino  Priority Ticket Access (Vendita Riservata)  allows you to purchase tickets during the ticketing period reserved for J1897 , Black&White and Junior  (under 16 years old) members. After this reserved period, any unsold tickets go on sale to the general public (residents or non-residents) also known as Vendita Libera or General Public, this includes all  non-members, of course.

Foreigners (non-residents) can become a J1897 member for 130 Euros/year or a Black&White Member for 60 Euros/year , Juniors  50 Euros/year and  have priority access to purchase tickets during the VENDITA RISERVATA dates,  for a maximum of 4 tickets/purchase, all 4 ticket holders must be members.

The Juventus FC Home game tickets go for sale on-line approximately 2 weeks prior to game day.

For example the Juventus-Torino game of Friday 18 February 2022. See snapshot below taken from http://www.juventus.com/it/  the tickets went on sale on the 4th February 2022.

To purchase tickets on the Juventus web site,  when on sale, click HERE

The following is a snapshot taken on the 5th February 2022

If the game(s) are on sale, Click on the BUY NOW button for the game of interest.

You must register on this site first prior to purchasing any tickets.

To find out the time and date when the tickets will be for sale for J1897 , Black&White,  and General Public, Click on the DISCOVER NOW button.

Tips, Tricks and Need-to-Know:

1.  For non-members, I suggest to go on-line  and practice purchasing tickets so that you become familiar with the system (  https://www.juventus.com/en/tickets/standard/first-team-men/ ), of course back-off when it prompts for your credit-card.

When ready to purchasing tickets for a game , I suggest to go on-line early Morning (4:00AM Montreal Time or later) on the first day of  GENERAL SALE time window,  if there are tickets available, proceed with your credit card readily accessible.

2.  For each person; you will need: FULL NAME as it appears on the PASSPORT, Date of Birth, Location of Birth .

3. When you leave the hotel for the Stadium in Torino, DO NOT forget to bring the passport with you, the authorities will ask for it at the stadium entrance.

4. For users of public transportation Bus number 72 (capolinea Bertola  near Torino Centro) takes you in front of the stadium entrance C side.

5. When reserving your flight for Torino;  if the game  is scheduled for a Sunday  12:30 PM or afternoon 15:00 PM (Torino local time); Then reserving a flight that leaves Montreal  on Saturday evening  for Torino-Caselle Airport is somewhat risky because there are no direct flights to Torino.  Your flight will  connect in Paris, Munich, or Frankfurt  and arrive in Torino  on Saturday  morning or early afternoon. Any delays due to weather or mechanical problems would lead you to missing the  afternoon game.  Best would be to leave on Friday ( 2 days prior).

6. Worst case a game may be scheduled for Friday Evening as is the case for JUVE-TORINO schedule for Friday 18th Feb.2022 @20:45 local Torino time  (14:45 EST). Monday evening games are also possible.

7. Juventus FC may ask for 3 full days rest, so for the Champions League games  scheduled for 20 February and 12 March 2019, Juventus has legally requested that the Serie A game be scheduled the Friday evening prior to the champions league games. The Serie A games are rescheduled  once the Champions League games are scheduled first, they have priority on dates.

8. So if you do not possess a J1897 or Black&White membership number; make sure to login on-line and try purchase tickets the moment the General Sale time window opens. Note that the times listed are local Torino time.

9. When the game is sold out early you can still purchase tickets on the re-sellers’ market at much higher price (2 to 7 times list price) depending on the game.

10. For example on https://www.viagogo.ca    tickets for Juve-Torino behind the net were selling for approximately CDN$ 238+fees and CDN$ 385+fees in the Center field. Note that booking and handling fees will make tickets much more expensive and the total price is not shown until you purchase the tickets.

11. Note: Avoid buying tickets next to the Visiting fans sections (111,213,109,210) sometimes it is not pleasant seating in these sections.

12. Note: Avoid buying tickets in the  first 2 or 3  row seats at the bottom of 2nd Ring ( 2nd Anello all 200 sections ) the view is obstructed by the poles that separate the glass panels approximately every 5 feet as well as people passing on the walkway in the front of the first row.

2 Convenient Hotel suggestions for your stay.

1. Hotel Residence Torino Centro
Corso Inghilterra 33,
Torino, 10138  Tel.:+39 0114338223    Fax:+39 0114471161 Email: info@hoteltorinocentro.it

Hotel Residence Torino Centro Reservations

Walking distance to train station and metro Porta Susa and Bus# 72 stop across the street from the train station main entrance.

2. Hotel Concord
Via Lagrange, 47
Torino, 10123   Tel: +39 0115176756
Email: info@hotelconcordtorino.com

Hotel Concord Reservations

Walking distance to train station and metro Porta Nuova and Bus# 72 (via Bertola)

For further information contact:
Leonardo Moramarco, Secretary
Juventus Club Canada,
email:  Lmoramarco@gmail.com